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Become a Volunteer

help these sweet animals

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Want to help out?

Don't worry!

We have supervisors waiting to give instructions! Must know how to give rubs, back scratches and talk to them like they are sweet babies!

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Want to help with laundry?

Always needed

Laundry is 24/7. Swap out laundry, fold, sort, organize. Anything to help keep this easy to pull from!

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Are you handy?

We always appreciate the help!

We are always looking to update, improve or just fix simple things! If this is you, please stop by!

Rooms Cleaned

Daily Task

Rooms and areas are cleaned daily to ensure these animals have a good space. We feed, give clean water, clean out litter boxes and over all wipe down. Even an hour helps out the 300+ cats that call this home!

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