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About us

The fact is that there are more dogs and cats than there will ever be homes or rescues. The feral cat population continues to multiply. Litters of puppies and kittens pop up on facebook and other forms of social media. “Free” to a good home….Many times those free puppies and kitten are never neutered or spayed and soon they will producing puppies or kittens that have no one to love them.

The cycle continues but there are solutions. It cannot be fixed overnight, but we must start somewhere.

Today in Orangeburg and Calhoun County, we are beginning the journey. We are beginning the fight. It will start small, but we hoping it will quickly take hold and we are hoping many of you will join us in this mission. We plan to address three areas:


  • TNR (Trap Neuter Release program for feral cats)

  • Facilitate cat adoptions and rescues for cats

  • Spay/Neuter program for dogs and cats

  • Owner retention program for the elderly and those who may just be having a hard time financially 

We will soon begin applying for grants to help fund some of these programs. We would love to have someone who has experience with draft writing. We also need many individuals who will be willing to help with the TNR release program. This will involve everything from transportation, to trapping, and to feeding cat colonies. We are looking into a working model for a Barn Relocation program. This will most likely require a few people who can help with small building projects.

There will of course be fund raising events. We will be announcing those soon. The list goes on and on. We will need a dedicated group. This will not be an effort controlled by a few, but will be driven by committees and a board.
Donations and expenses will set up into cost centers, so when you donate for the feral cat program, that is where the money is used. When you donate to the spay/neuter program, that is where your money is used. 

The time has come to do better. You cannot mandate compassion, but you can certainly support and nurture the very notion. The population is growing and they are suffering. We will be tackling the problems one heartbeat at a time.


For the Love of a Paw

Post Office Box 3

Elloree, SC 29047


Payable To: For the Love of a Paw
FED ID # is 47-5661631

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